Collecting, planting and caring for the next generation of oak trees – Child’s Play!

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Welcome to our website!

Arbor Day UK is a tree planting & tree care advocacy organisation – a voluntary not-for-profit organisation – with a mission to plant trees, celebrate trees and celebrate the people that work with trees.

Unlike many other countries around the world, the UK lacks a celebratory day for trees – & a day that represents & supports the arboricultural industry (“tree care industry”). Working with the Arbor Day Foundation( ) we are celebrating an Arbor Day at the end of each tree planting season, where we reflect on the success of our efforts – & we encourage others to join in, in ways that suit them.

This supporting video was very kindly contributed by the Arbor Day Foundation for our first Arbor Day in the UK. This is a great introduction as to why trees are just such important contributors to our communities and our own welfare.

We celebrated our first Arbor Day on the 6th of February 2020, at Myerscough College, Lancashire, England – which is our current ‘hub’ for activities – although we hope to see other institutions soon taking up our idea & also celebrating an Arbor Day too.

Our Planting Achievements To Date

This is drone footage from early December 2020 of our new woodland planting in Lancashire – Rainbow Triangle – a 1.5 hectare mixed woodland, created to support wildlife and lower local flood risk.


  • The planting of 1,225 woodland trees
  • The planting of 100 metres of new hedgerow
  • The planting of 86 standard trees


  • The planting of 3,250 woodland trees
  • The planting of 80 metres of new hedgerow
  • The planting of 70 standard trees

Supporting Organisations

We receive great support from the Arbor Day Foundation & the Mersey Forest Foundation. In return, we look to do some charity fundraising to support these two organisations.



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