Getting Involved

A volunteer planting oak trees at our new woodland site for 2021 (Rainbow Triangle)

Arbor Day UK is focused on the planting of trees, the care of trees, the renewal of old plantings and improving our landscapes. It is wholly based on voluntary contributions.

Many countries around the world have the equivalent of an ‘Arbor Day’, as is probably most well-known in the United States and Canada – but the UK does not yet have such a galvanizing, community celebration of trees and recognition of the arboricultural profession’s contribution to urban greening. We would like this to become a permanent feature in the nation’s calendar, as tree cover in our towns, cities and landscape is so important – and much more of it is urgently needed.

If you would like to get involved, there are a number of ways in which you can:

The Arbor Day runs in conjunction with our annual Careers Event. Below are a number of steps that guests would need to take to view the event: 

  1. Guests will need to register for the event using the following link – 
  2. Guests will then receive a confirmation email with their username, which is set to be the email address they registered with. 
  3. On Thursday 4th February, the event will go LIVE! Guests can then use the link (provided above) to ‘Log In’ to the event from 9am Thursday morning. Please note, the event will not be visible until Thursday 4th.  
  4. Guests are free to explore the site. There will be a combination of Arboriculture Live Webinars scheduled throughout the day in the Lecture Theatre. In the Exhibition Hall, there will be a mixture of Arb organisations and organisations representing other academic areas. In this ‘virtual booths’, guests will have the opportunity to engage in conversation with industry professionals utilising the ‘chat function’. Guests will simply click on the word ‘Chat’ and guests will be able to direct a message to employers/organisations. 

On the registration page, there is a video that will give you an insight into what the event will look like and how it will operate. I would encourage anyone with questions to have a watch and use the FAQ section at the bottom of the page. 

  • If you are interested in volunteering as a tree planter, find out about one of our planting events by contacting our team.
  • To carry out our planting efforts, we need sponsors to support our efforts. See Want to sponsor our efforts?
  • If you would like to make a donation to our supporting charities, see Donate to support tree planting
  • We also accept donated trees that we will plant on your behalf. Please get in contact with any of the Arbor Day UK team if this is something you would like to do.
  • If you are an arboricultural expert or a representative of an arboricultural company, perhaps you would be interested in being a speaker at our Arbor Day event, attended by many arboricultural students. See Upcoming Events